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I used to be a massive fan of Monster High dolls but I think I've been getting a bit bored of those dolls lately. It's really sad, because I like the characters (Ghoulia's my favourite) and many of the first dolls from 2010-2012. I've not been interested enough in any of the newer dolls to want to get any of them and I actually think Mattel are starting to run out of ideas. It's not quite Barbie-level blandness - I just think they're running out of concepts to make the range consistently compelling. Ever After High seems to be where all their ideas are going now while MH just seems a bit repetitive at the moment.


13 October 2013 03:05 pm
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This Harry Styles doll looks scary.

I don't even like One Infection One Direction, but even if I did I wouldn't want this doll. I hate that awful grin of his.
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Someone's smeared blusher all over this doll, she's got a very greasy face and the seller's got the nerve to try and sell this for $200 USD (roughly £125 or €150). If you're in the US or Canada you can get a new one for about $40 less, without all that blusher. (American Girl don't sell outside those countries but I think there are eBay sellers that have worldwide delivery. The problem, of course, would be the price of postage!)


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